how it all began

wow… where do i begin? well i guess my love affair with desserts started when i was a kid. i loved sweet stuff, especially chocolates & cakes. i would find every opportunity to eat cake. i loved birthdays because that’s an occasion for cake. i didn’t really care for any other food except cake. i also loved donuts with the sugar sprinkles on top.

as i reached adulthood and moved out on my own, my love for desserts grew. now i need absolutely no reason to eat cake. i can just go and get one whenever i wanted. i ventured into other kinds of desserts. then i discovered the Cheesecake Factory. they had me at my very first bite of their creamy cheesecake. i was hooked. i just couldn’t get enough cheesecake. i even had my birthday party there once:


because of my love for dessert, i would like to venture into baking and making my own desserts. it’s a little difficult right now because i don’t own an oven, not even a microwave. but thankfully for these 3 months (Nov 2014 – Jan 2015) i’ll be staying at a friend’s place, so i’m gonna do lots of baking while i’m here and post about my baking experiments!


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