My baking experiment #61 – spicy chipotle rosemary rolls

My husband is (was) not a big dessert eater. He says that if he hadn’t met me he would’ve been fine not eating dessert at all. I told him life would suck without dessert! Haha… i need my desserts.

Anyway, he loves savory stuff so today i decided to surprise him with some savory rolls. I used the same batch of dough for my orange sweet rolls (it was a HUGE batch of dough; i still have leftovers).

So after rolling out the dough, instead of orange filling, i simply spread a layer of spicy chipotle sauce over it, dusted some onion powder and chili powder (yeah, i love spicy!) and some rosemary. Rolled it up, cut into pieces, proofed them and baked them up, just like the sweet rolls.

These savory rolls are so delish! Soft & fluffy with a mild spicy flavor. The rosemary fragrance really came through; the rolls taste like rosemary bread. I could’ve used more chili powder though; not spicy enough for me πŸ˜› But these rolls are perfect for dinner with a side of meat!

fresh from the oven
fresh from the oven
spicy chipotle rosemary rolls
spicy chipotle rosemary rolls



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