dessert pizza waffle

My husband loved the pizza we made last week. Today he requested another pizza, so we made another one. I made the same amount of dough but he wanted a thinner crust, so i used 2/3 of the dough to make a pizza of the same size. With the remaining dough, i decided to make a dessert pizza.

I rolled out the dough, spread a layer of jam and chocolate chipsΒ and rolled it up. But instead of using the oven, i decided to use… the waffle iron! Haha yeah, we recently purchased a waffle iron and i’ve been thinking up different things to make with it (besides waffles), and i thought, why not a pizza?

How’d it turn out? Well, to be honest, not as great as i’d thought. First of all, the dough was probably too think and i didn’t give it enough time, so it wasn’t very crispy. Secondly, the jam inside the dough oozed out onto the iron. Third, because not much jam remained inside the waffle, it didn’t have much taste.

In the end i put some Nutella on it and ended up finishing the entire waffle because, well, Nutella makes everything taste great! I’ll have to come up with other things to waffle. I’m open to any suggestions! πŸ™‚



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