glazed donuts

Today my husband wanted to fry some turkey for dinner. So immediately my mind went to desserts: specifically, fried donuts. I didn’t have time to make the dough from scratch, so i took out a tube of refrigerated biscuit dough and proceeded to make some donuts.

These are super easy to make. Just take out the biscuits, cut a hole in the dough (i used a bottle cap), and fry them up in 350F oil until they turn golden on both sides (about 1 minute each side). The donut holes are faster, 30 seconds each side. Then i made a simple glaze using powdered sugar and milk, and dipped the freshly-fried donuts and holes in the glaze. That’s all.

They are best eaten fresh: crispy & crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside. They are not as soft as Krispy Kreme donuts, but still really good. Such a simple and yummy dessert! πŸ™‚

donuts & donut holes
donuts & donut holes
nicely glazed
nicely glazed
crispy on the outside
crispy on the outside

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