Oreo mallow bars

Happy Saturday! It is a cold & wet Saturday morning. In fact, it’s gonna be chilly & rainy all day today. Perfect day to stay indoors with a hot cup of cocoa, tucked under a warm blanket with a good book to read.

Since i don’t plan on going anywhere today, i decided to make some sweet treats to enjoy as well as for gifting for the holidays. I wanted to make Oreo balls but didn’t have any cream cheese, so i made some chocolate-dipped Oreo-marshmallow bars instead.

There’s no recipe; i just got the idea from the ingredients i have in my pantry:

Grind up some golden Oreos (about 20 cookies) in the food processor. Melt some marshmallows (about 2 cups) in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Mix the cookie crumbs with the melted mallows until combined.

Line a 7×7-inch baking pan with foil and lightly spray with cooking spray. Press the cookie mixture into the pan, making an even layer. Chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes until hardened. Remove foil from pan and cut cookie into 16 squares.

Melt some chocolate chips or chocolate almond bark in the microwave. Dip the cookie squares into melted chocolate and coat thoroughly. Place on parchment paper to let chocolate harden. Then, enjoy with some coffee or hot chocolate!

These cookie bars are amazing! They actually taste like s’mores: the golden Oreos taste like Graham crackers, combined with the marshmallow and chocolate, it’s a s’mores bar! Place them in a clear bag and tie a ribbon, they make lovely holiday gifts as well!

I’m gonna devour these bars and just make more for gifting. Β Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and happy baking! πŸ™‚


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